Where your data takes you depends on how you begin

Any business wants to understand their visitors, take smart decisions and get in more revenue. The bad news is this is impossible if you don’t have correct analytics implementations in place. Here is where we step in the game.
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Want to launch your online business and want to implement a custom analytics infrastructure? Do you have some time in business but your data is not completely and accurately tracked? Worry no more, we’ll design and implement for your business a custom analytics plan, so you’ll have all the data you need to take informed decisions.
Define strategy
Our process
for moving from Best Guesses to Substantiated Decisions

1. Defining the measurement strategy

There is no one size fits all strategy. It’s essential to start collaborating with understanding your business ins and outs, what you aim to achieve on short and long term, so we also set key performance indicators we compare against the optimization progress.
Design guide

2. Designing the implementation guide

Before start implementing, we decide on the most optimal technologies and methods to do it. However, we go far beyond than that, and beside custom implementations that gather behavioural data, we take care of implementations that will improve data quality.
Implement Strategy

3. Implementing the Analytics Measurement Strategy

Planning helps but implementation is success. Together with our technical team we bring to reality the tailored measurement strategy. We take care of everything from JavaScript code customization, troubleshooting such to ensure that everything is running smoothly when publishing to the live website.

NO technical hiccups!


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Magda Baciu
Founder @ House of Progress